July 31, 2009

Arbyís BBQ Bacon Cheddar Roastburger

roastburger.jpgArbyís claims that their new line of Roastburger sandwiches are ďthe burger done better.Ē I wouldnít go that far, Arbyís. Essentially a roast beef sandwich with bacon and cheese, comparing the Roastburger to a burger is kind of pointless. Making the sandwich round and putting bacon and cheese on it does not make it a burger; itís still a sandwich. This issue aside, the BBQ Bacon Cheddar Roastburger I ate recently was pretty tasty. It had a decent amount of meat in it and the bacon and cheese complimented the meat well. Also, I really liked the bun. I put some Arbyís sauce on it and it got even better. The Roastburger will never take the place of a quality hamburger, but as a sandwich it is worth considering.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

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July 28, 2009

Quiznos Beef, Bacon & Cheddar Toasty Bullet

toastybullet.jpgSandwiches are one of my favorite fast foods to eat, but Iíve been discouraged by how expensive they have become and how little meat and cheese they often have. So, Iíve essentially given up on them. There is currently a $5 sandwich trend among several of the sandwich shops. I think $5 is a much more reasonable price but it will still buy me three or four items at Taco Bell, so Iím not all that impressed. In an effort to give customers and even better value, Quiznos has recently introduced a $3 sandwich called the Toasty Bullet. I tried the Beef, Bacon & Cheddar Toasty Bullet and thought it was good, with a fair amount of meat and cheese. It had a good flavor and the bread was tasty. Toasty Pencil may be a better name for it, however. Itís pretty thin and small for a sandwich. But then again, itís only three bucks. The Toasty Bullet is probably best suited for those with smaller appetites (definitely not me) or kids, as well those who are pinching pennies.

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July 21, 2009

Carl's Jr. Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich

bbqchicken.jpgI have decided to lose my belly and muscle up. So I have become concerned with calories and fat grams and such. I know, I know...What am I doing at a fast-food place when I want to eat healthy? Well, I live in the real world, and sometimes you go out to eat. So I am going to learn to deal with that. According to the "Don't Eat This, Eat That" website, Carl's Jr's Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich is the healthiest sandwich on their menu, from a calories and fat point of view. I decided to try one instead of my usual Super Star or specialty burger. It looked pretty good upon unwrapping, but that was an illusion. The bun was one of those "faux" whole wheat buns, and was very dry and chewy. The chicken breast had no flavor at all, not even a bit of "charbroil" taste. The BBQ sauce was disappointing, all I could taste was a bit of sourness. All in all, it was another failed attempt by a fast-food place to create a "healthy choice" that is also a tasty choice. I don't understand how these companies can have "food designers" receiving six-figure salaries to come up with new ideas, and yet they can't come up with a sandwich that is healthy and tastes good. I'll stick to my regular burgers from now on, and make up for it on other meals. On a positive note, Carl's Jr. has brought back the Teriyaki Burger, at least for a while, so I'll forgive them for their BBQ chicken sandwich.

Phoood rating: Don't Waste Your Money

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July 18, 2009

Rockstar Wild Berry Energy Shot

energyshot.jpgA small, black bottle sits in front of me. The label's gold star gleams in the harsh fluorescent light, and I decide to get the ordeal over with. Upon opening the twist-cap, I am greeted by a strong, sweet, almost cough-syrupy smell. So I reluctantly take a sip. The first flavor that hits my tongue is, you guessed it, cough syrup. The cherry kind. However, that assault on my senses subsides and a wave of surprisingly sweet, pleasant berry flavor hits. I decide that I may actually enjoy this caffeine-filled experience. Hmm.. I finish off the last of the small (read: one mouthful) bottle, and sit back. I have never liked energy drinks, so I was bemused that the one that I expected to be the worst ended up being quite good. An hour later, my hands shook like I had just survived a plane crash. My thoughts on this bottle of liquid lightning? Sweet. Syrupy. Pleasant. I will definitely go back to Rockstar Energy Shots for a quick boost.

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July 15, 2009

Cholula Hot Sauce

cholula.jpgI eat a lot of tacos and burritos at home, and the hot sauce that I put on my meal depends on my mood that day. I always keep six or eight types of hot sauce on hand at all times so that Iím always covered. Sometimes, I just want some La Victoria mild red taco sauce. Iíve been eating good olí La Vic as long as I can remember and itís always the safe choice. But when I want something spicier, I usually reach for the Cholula bottle. Iíve been eating Cholula for a long time too, and in recent years have noticed it showing up more on the tables at Mexican food restaurants. So, I guess Iím not the only one that likes it so much. I love its fresh, spicy flavor and itís not so hot that it burns a hole in my stomach. Iíve noticed that Cholula costs more than lots of other hot sauces, but I still think itís worth it. Iíve always eaten the Original variety and didnít even know there were three other varieties Ė Chipotle, Chili Garlic, and Chili Lime Ė until I visited the Cholula web site. Iím anxious to try these other varieties but I doubt they will ever take the place of the Cholula I love.

Phoood rating: Outstanding!

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July 4, 2009

McDonaldís Angus Third Pounder Deluxe

angusburger2.jpgMcDonaldís has entered the big burger wars with its new Angus Third Pounders, available in Deluxe, Bacon & Cheese, and Mushroom & Swiss versions. The burgers have been available in a few test markets for some time but were just recently launched nationwide. The main attraction of the Third Pounders is the third pound Angus beef patty, which is an upgrade from the meat used in other McDonaldís hamburgers. I recently ate a Third Pounder Deluxe, which comes with two slices of American cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and red onion. As always, I removed the rabbit food to better taste the essence of the burger. I found that the Angus patty didnít taste much different than the meat found in other McDonaldís burgers and was lacking seasoning. I really expected something better, especially from a burger that was test marketed for over two years. And, I love mayonnaise as much as anyone but there was way too much of it on the burger. The highlight of the burger was the bakery-style sesame seed roll. Itís a hearty and tasty bun that does a good job of holding the burger together. There is a lot of competition in the big burger category and it is questionable if McDonaldís is going to be able to compete with their line of Angus Third Pounders. When the bun is the best thing about a burger, well, itís not really that good of a burger.

Phoood rating: So-so

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