January 24, 2013

Wolf Brand Chili With Beans

wolfchili.jpgWolf Brand Chili recently showed up on the shelves of my local Safeway. I had never seen this brand of chili anywhere Iíve ever shopped, although the label indicates that itís been around since 1895. Iíve been a Dennisonís man all my life, but I bought a can of Wolf Brand Chili with Beans to see what it was like. Upon pouring the contents of the can into a bowl, my first reaction was one of disappointment at the lack of meat and beans and the abundance of sauce. Donít be fooled by the picture on the can. Your bowl of chili will look nothing like it. There was a moderate amount of meat, and even less beans, covered by so much sauce that the meat and beans were barely visible. Really, did I buy a can of chili with beans or a can of sauce? Aside from this rather significant issue, the chili tasted okay. I compared it side-by-side with a can of Dennisonís and found the Wolf Brand Chili had a deeper, spicier flavor that I preferred. But, the Dennisonís appeared to have more meat and definitely had more beans. Canned chili isnít very good when compared to homemade chili or even chili made with Carroll Shelbyís Chili Kit. But, sometimes chili from a can is the way to go. And when it is, Iím sticking with Dennisonís.

Phoood rating: Don't Waste Your Money

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January 3, 2013

Tostitos Cantina Thin & Crispy

tostitoscantina.jpgTortilla chip makers have been forever trying to produce chips that are as good as they ones you get in some Mexican food restaurants. You know - the chips that you canít stop eating because they are so utterly delicious. The ones you eat so many of that when your meal finally comes, you arenít very hungry. I donít think any store-bought chips reach this level of tastiness, but Iím hoping someday they do. Tostitos gives it their best shot with their new Cantina Thin & Crispy chips. I suspect that Tostitosí goal for the chips was for them to be similar to the chips served at Chevyís, and they come pretty close. The chips are thin, but not so thin that they fall apart easily. They also have a very nice crispiness and feel great in the mouth. But, thereís one very important thing missing: flavor. I found the chips to be bland and boring, with very little corn flavor. I suppose that if you are using the chips to eat salsa or some other type of dip, the flavor of the chip isnít as important. But, I think every chip should taste good when eaten by itself, without any accompaniment. Perhaps the lack of flavor is because the chips are so thin. I canít explain why the chips are so lacking in flavor, but I know that I wonít be buying them in the future.

Phoood rating: So-so

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