January 24, 2013

Wolf Brand Chili With Beans

wolfchili.jpgWolf Brand Chili recently showed up on the shelves of my local Safeway. I had never seen this brand of chili anywhere Iíve ever shopped, although the label indicates that itís been around since 1895. Iíve been a Dennisonís man all my life, but I bought a can of Wolf Brand Chili with Beans to see what it was like. Upon pouring the contents of the can into a bowl, my first reaction was one of disappointment at the lack of meat and beans and the abundance of sauce. Donít be fooled by the picture on the can. Your bowl of chili will look nothing like it. There was a moderate amount of meat, and even less beans, covered by so much sauce that the meat and beans were barely visible. Really, did I buy a can of chili with beans or a can of sauce? Aside from this rather significant issue, the chili tasted okay. I compared it side-by-side with a can of Dennisonís and found the Wolf Brand Chili had a deeper, spicier flavor that I preferred. But, the Dennisonís appeared to have more meat and definitely had more beans. Canned chili isnít very good when compared to homemade chili or even chili made with Carroll Shelbyís Chili Kit. But, sometimes chili from a can is the way to go. And when it is, Iím sticking with Dennisonís.

Phoood rating: Don't Waste Your Money

Posted by Jim on January 24, 2013

I was similarly disappointed with this brand. I bought two cans on sale and it was so runny! I still have one can left I think I'll just add to hommade next time I make a big pot.

Posted by: Kris at January 25, 2013 7:02 AM

Thanks for the heads up. I have seen the Wolfe brand, but never bought it cause my husband like his Nalley's Chili. He is very spicy sensitive, so he knows the Nalleys won't be too hot.You are right, there are times when you just want to open a can. Not often in this house, but there are times. I usually make my own chili, then I can make it as bland as Himself likes. tysm

Posted by: Jodie at January 25, 2013 3:01 PM

i have found this brand periodically at my local wal-marts (super center, mini wal-mart, and neighborhood market as well). mrs. ghostmarine and i were intigued, as the usual fare is; nalleys, stagg's, dennison's, or hormel chili. i found wolf brand chili to be a bit spicier than the others mentioned, tasty, and flavorful. the brand had a great aroma right from the start, right out of the can, as well as outstanding consistency throughout the entire can...however having said that, mrs. ghostmarine, did not enjoy the dining experience, as much as i, but didn't pin down the unpleasantness specifically. i guess the brand just wasn't her "cup of tea" that day. other submitters might not have had an "outstanding" batch of canned chili, just a 'good' one...(quality control can vary between food batches, in spite of the inspectors best efforts), or just didn't like what they were tasting. i for one do. to each his own, i suppose. good eating to all, and as always; semper fi.

Posted by: ghostmarine at January 25, 2013 5:42 PM

I've eaten Wolf Brand Chili my entire life. Living in Texas it's sacred. However,in response to some of the comments, I'll agree, something has gone horribly wrong at Wolf Brand. I've purchased 4 cans of chili no beans at several different stores the last month and they've all been mostly juice and about a table spoon of meat. I have intended to call Wolf Brand and inquire. If you pick up any can of Wolf Brand Chili and shake it and there is any sloshing put it back on the shelf. The real Wolf Brand requires a spoon to dig it out of the can. Go Navy

Posted by: Travis at January 28, 2013 7:46 AM

Nothing beats a can of Hormel hot and spicy.

Posted by: steve at February 1, 2013 7:46 AM

Wick Fowler chili kit is my fave

Posted by: Doop at February 14, 2013 9:45 AM

It just goes to show that you cant eat everything with a label or anything that you could prepare at home like collard greens,banana pudding,spaghetti,ravioli,beef stew,cole slaw,tuna salad,chicken salad,seafood salad,veggie burgers, roast duck,salmon and so forth. When it comes to Chili homemade is the best unless it Fireside Chili. And Hormel Chili is just as awful canned pork and beans ,and here again best when homemade---cacjohnson

Posted by: cacjohnson at February 22, 2013 5:00 PM

Dennisons and Wolf brands are from the same company. Dennison chili is distributed in the western U.S. under that label but wolf which looks like the Dennison can only with the wolf name. distributed every where else?
Doesn't taste the same however and what the first poster stated, it was soup, not chili.
I won't ever buy it again but there is not much in the upper mid west when it comes to "GOOD" canned chili.

Posted by: Gale at December 15, 2015 4:16 PM

I agree, Dennison's Chunky or Hot Chili con carne with beans is the best. I notice that Wolf's Chili and Dennison's is from ConAgra. I tried a can of Wolf's, it was not like the picture on the can. It was soupy, not much meat or beans nor does it taste the same. I went online to see if I could order it from Walmart. Walmart says its only available in the stores. I found it online at Target at a decent price too. If you have a Target card you can get it with free shipping. I guess that Dennison's is only available on the west coast. That's a shame all those people missing out.

Posted by: noaquie at February 10, 2017 10:23 AM
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