February 23, 2013

Taco Bell Loaded Potato Griller

tbpotatogriller.jpgI like Taco Bell for many reasons, but perhaps the primary reason is because they are always introducing new products to their menu (if only for a limited time). I picked up one of these products recently, a Loaded Potato Griller, because I had seen the commercial on TV and it seemed to be a bargain at $1.29. The Griller was actually larger than I expected it to be, making it an even better value. The grilled tortilla was filled with crispy potato bites, nacho cheese sauce, bacon, and sour cream. Although the Griller’s flavor wasn’t terribly exciting, the combination of ingredients worked and I really enjoyed eating it. The best part of the Griller wasn’t what was on the inside, however. It was the grilled tortilla. The simple step of grilling the tortilla made all the difference. It doesn’t come as a surprise to me because I know that when heating a tortilla at home, doing it over an open flame or on a griddle gives it a far superior flavor. Taco Bell would be wise to offer grilled tortillas on more of their menu items, or let customers request grilled tortillas on any item. If this were an option, I wouldn’t eat an un-grilled tortilla at Taco Bell ever again. And, I’d probably eat there more often.

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