September 25, 2009

Doritos Last Call Jalapeno Popper

doritospopper.jpgOne of the main reasons I contribute to this forum, other than the fact that I love junk food, is to try to give people an idea of how new products taste before they commit to filling up their precious cupboard space. The easiest way to do this is by describing or comparing how the product tastes as accurately as I can. When I tried Doritos Last Call Jalapeno Popper chips, I instantly recognized the taste as one I have come across in the past. The initial flavor is strong and cheesy, only to be reinforced with a spicy kick that is very distinctive yet mild. That spicy kick is what gives it the jalapeno name, and is also how I determined what the chips taste like. Anyone who has been to a sporting event has probably eaten or at least seen the stadium nachos consisting of round tortilla chips topped with atomic neon-colored cheese. The flavor of the Doritos Jalapeno Popper chips matches the five-dollar stadium version to a T, especially the stadium nachos that have little bits of jalapenos in the cheese. The only thing that throws this comparison off is the fact that the ballpark nachos have the delicious consistency of crunchy chips + warm liquid coating, while the Doritos is simply a seasoned chip. For me, this takes something away from the flavor accomplishment. So if you think you would enjoy stadium nachos at home minus the warm liquid cheese and the mess, these chips are definitely worthy of your cupboard space. If not, I recommend taking a pass on this one.

Phoood rating: So-so

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September 11, 2009

Carl's Jr. Big Carl

bigcarl.jpgNo matter what you think about Carl’s Jr.’s food or jejune television ads, you almost have to admire the company for their aggressive approach and continued willingness to introduce new products to their menu. Their latest burger is a direct attack against McDonald’s iconic Big Mac. The Big Carl seeks to improve on the Big Mac by offering a double-patty burger with twice as much meat and cheese at a lower price point. The Big Carl even has a “special sauce” like the Big Mac. However, the Big Carl doesn’t include the Big Mac’s center bun. The Big Carl is a very tasty burger and a bargain at only $2.49 considering the amount of meat it has. It's a respectable double cheeseburger that I would definitely order again. Is it better than the Big Mac? I honestly can’t say because it’s probably been several decades since I last ate a Big Mac. But I’m pretty sure that if I had both burgers in front of me, I would reach for the Big Carl first.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

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September 10, 2009

Chex Mix Barbeque

chexbbq.jpgThe folks at Chex must have set out to offend no one when they developed new Chex Mix Barbeque. It has one of the most meek, boring barbeque flavors that I’ve ever tasted. If the word “barbeque” wasn’t on the front of the bag, I may have never known what flavor it was supposed to be. With that said, the flavor isn’t bad. It has more sweetness than anything else. I wish there was more I could write about the flavor, but a couple of short sentences is all the effort it deserves. Chex Mix Barbeque is mediocre at best and thoroughly deserving of a “So-so” rating.

Phoood rating: So-so

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September 5, 2009

Applebee’s Brewtus Steak Burger

brewtus.jpgIt's no secret that I love big, tasty burgers. By big, I mean at least a half-pound of meat (note to cardiologist: I don’t eat burgers this big very often). Applebee’s should be commended for offering a burger with a ten-ounce patty made from chopped sirloin, the Brewtus Steak Burger. The thick patty of the Brewtus I recently ate was a lot of meat, and it was pretty tasty. I could tell that it was better-than-average meat and it was also seasoned well. It was overcooked, but that was my fault for ordering it “no pink.” I should have gone with “pink,” the other option that the server offered. Unfortunately, the patty was the just about the only positive aspect of the Brewtus. The bun was much too small for such a thick patty and wasn’t all that flavorful. And the small slice of cheddar cheese wasn’t enough for the huge patty. The cheese essentially disappeared amongst all the meat. Worse of all was the missing bacon. I was supposed to get “crispy Applewood smoked bacon,” but the cook forgot to put it on the burger. How can you forget my bacon? There’s simply no excuse for this and according to Phoood rules, automatically results in a one-level reduction in the rating.

Phoood rating: So-so

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Doritos Toro Habanero

doritostoro.jpgDoritos Toro Habanero chips aren’t the best tasting tortilla chips I’ve ever eaten, but they sure are the hottest. The heat from the habanero chilies starts slowly but quickly overwhelms the mouth. The heat also lingers long after you’re done eating them. I really like the flavor of the chips, although admittedly is it kind of one-dimensional. I'll eat them occasionally, but wouldn't want them to be my everyday chip. If you aren’t used to spicy food, and especially the heat that comes from habanero chilies, you should eat them cautiously and with a large glass of milk nearby. I’m not sure how easily you’ll be able to find Doritos Toros Habanero in your area. The packaging is in both Spanish and English and carries the Sabritas logo (Sabritas is a popular snack brand in Mexico), so they may only be available in areas with a high Hispanic population.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

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