July 30, 2008

Jamba Strawberries Wild Smoothie

jambasmoothie.jpgImpatient types that donít want to wait in line at Jamba Juice while their smoothie is prepared will be glad to learn that Jamba Smoothies are now available in grocery and convenience stores (in eight Western States) in ready-to-drink bottles. I recently tried the Strawberries Wild smoothie, which is one of three flavors offered. It has a fresh strawberry taste and is very thick, like a smoothie should be. Unlike the smoothie you would get at your local Jamba Juice, the bottled smoothie is not made with ice. Instead, nonfat milk added to the smoothie gives it a smooth, creamy texture. I actually like it better than the ones made with ice. My only complaint is that the 2.5 ounce bottled smoothie is just too small. Itís gone in just a couple of gulps. Iíll be a lot more impressed when Jamba Juice offers a 32 ounce (or larger) bottled smoothie.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

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July 22, 2008

Eagle White Cheddar Bursts

cheddarbursts.jpgEagle Snacks, once a division of Anheuser-Busch and hard to find in stores for a while, are back and they have set out to conquer the snacking world. They just might be able to do this with their White Cheddar Bursts. These things are incredibly tasty and absolutely addicting. They are made with real cheese (cheddar and blue, according the ingredient label), giving them a very strong, natural cheese flavor. However, it is their texture that makes them unlike other cheese-flavored puffs. When I first started eating them, I was a bit put off by the texture because I was expecting them to be more like Cheetos. The more I ate, however, the more I liked the light, silky smooth texture. They literally melted in my mouth as I ate them. Other advantages over Cheetos are that they donít leave nearly as much residue stuck between your teeth and they donít turn your tongue and fingers orange. I really enjoyed eating them and strongly recommend that you give them a try.

Phoood rating: Outstanding!

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July 11, 2008

Carl's Jr. Natural Cut Fries

naturalcutfries.jpgFirst off, I have to say "BOOOO Carl's Jr" for taking away my beloved Teriyaki burger. Lose that nasty Prime Rib burger and bring back a proven favorite!! That said, on to the new fries. They are "Natural Cut," about three eighths by three eighths of an inch thick, with the skin left on. They are "dry fries," not very greasy at all, but still hold salt well. (No having to salt the ketchup) They look and smell very, very good, and you get a lot for your money. One medium order with a combo meal will be more than enough for all but the biggest appetites. They are mixed up in size and levels of "doneness." I liked the ones that were a little smaller and crispier, and the ones with a lot of skin on them. The larger, less done fries lacked a little in flavor to me, but my granddaughter enjoyed them immensely.. I think these puppies would be fantastic with a spicy seasoning, As they are, I still enjoy them a lot more than the old ones.

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July 6, 2008

Jack in the Box BBQ Bacon Sirloin Burger

bbqbaconburger.jpgThey say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Unfortunately when it comes to something we ingest, it better be a VERY accurate imitation, and Jack's new blatant knock-off of a much adored Carl's Jr. menu item is a mere shadow to that. The Jack braintrust have failed to mimic the joy and flavor that is a Carl's Jr. Six Dollar Western Bacon Cheeseburger. The sirloin? Yeah, that's a given, kinda tough to go wrong there (though even Jack loyalists don't care for it). Jack yet again is inexplicably obsessed with bun innovation, and his bakery-style roll is satisfactory, if a bit doughy. But what this ultimately suffers from goes in the "Condiment Killer" file. A BBQ sauce that seems to have been put through an extractor to remove all kick and tanginess. Plus the fact they only give you a small drizzle of the stuff, making it barely present. The onion rings were amateur night like they were made in someone's kitchen, and the bacon was rubbery. And all of this just neutralizes the flavor of the two pieces of cheese on the sandwich. Most of all what jumps out at you after you unbox it is its size. Hardly fills up both hands, and I'm sure Jack suits would say "It's not s'posed to be a six dollar burger!" But when you're charging $4.59 for a burger and $7.19(!!!) for the combo, this thing better be half the size of my big face. If I had to say one positive thing for this attempt...well, it at least wasn't completely repellent. Not something I'd order again, though.

Phoood rating: So-so

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July 1, 2008

Bugles Sweet & Salty Caramel

buglescaramel.jpgTraditional Bugles have been a favorite of mine as long as I can remember. As a kid, I used to put them on my fingertips for "claws" and then chew them off one-by-one. (OK, sometimes I still do that...) Today, my wife brought me home a surprise from her shopping trip: Caramel Bugles! That's right, caramel! I was a bit leery at first, but they smelled so good I just had to try one. I was very glad I did! Caramel Bugles are deliciously sweet and salty, with a just-right balance of caramel and corn flavor. They have the same crunch as the original, and the same light texture that Bugles fans love. Kind of like eating caramel corn without getting hulls stuck in your teeth. There seems to be a trend of sweet and salty snacks, right now, and as far as I'm concerned, Caramel Bugles can take their place at the top of the heap!

Phoood rating: Outstanding!

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