January 1, 2014

Taco Bell Grilled Stuft Nacho

tbstuftnacho.jpgTaco Bellís new Grilled Stuft Nacho is a great concept Ė the taste of nachos wrapped up in a grilled, flour tortilla. What better way to eat nachos while driving and not get your shirt messy, right? In reality, the Grilled Stuft Nacho isnít really made for eating with one hand. Although the triangle-shaped folded tortilla pocket is a novel and tasty idea, it is floppy and I had to use two hands to eat it or I had to fold it in half to minimize the floppiness. When folded, the contents are more prone to escape. Inside of the tortilla pocket youíll find too much going on: some seasoned beef (not nearly enough, in my opinion), nacho cheese sauce, zesty nacho sauce, reduced-fat sour cream, and tortilla strips. The flavors of these meld together and none of them stand out. Thereís too much nacho sauce and sour cream, which may explain the floppiness. The tortilla strips are small and donít stand up well to the moistness of the other ingredients. They quickly become soggy. Eating the Grilled Stuft Nacho wasnít anything like eating nachos because there was virtually no crunchiness to it. And isnít that one of the best things about nachos? On the positive side, the Grilled Stuft Nacho is a decent size (about 7 inches on each side) and only cost $1.29. If you donít want to spend much and you love nacho cheese sauce and sour cream, it might be just the item for you.

Phoood rating: So-so

Posted by Jim on January 1, 2014

Not crunchy? I'll pass. What's the point of a nacho dish if it's not crunchy? Sounds like they took the beefy nacho griller ingredients and put it all out of whack. That's a shame.

Posted by: dancinhomer at January 2, 2014 12:52 PM
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