December 30, 2013

Burger King Satisfries

bksatisfries.jpgIs it possible to make a delicious French fry with 40% less fat and 30% less calories? Maybe it is, but Burger King hasnít figured it out yet. Donít they know that fat and calories are what makes French fries so delicious? Burger Kingís new Satisfries have the aforementioned reductions in fat and calories, but they donít taste nearly as good as regular French fries. Satisfries are crinkle-cut fries that may just be the thickest ones Iíve ever seen. The Satisfries that I ate recently were crispy on the outside and moist, the way a good fry should be. The potato flavor was okay. The fries had a lot of salt on them. Iím no saltophobe, but I thought they were a little bit too salty. Sadly, the fries also had a subtle, odd aftertaste. Itís hard to describe the aftertaste that my fries had, other than to say it made me think that there was something artificial about them. Maybe there was an issue with the specific batch of fries that I ate, or something about the oil that they were cooked in. Itís possible, I guess. Giving Burger King the benefit of the doubt, and because the name ďSatisfriesĒ is so clever, they earn a ďSo-soĒ rating.

Phoood rating: So-so

Posted by Jim on December 30, 2013

despite the lack of bks in my area, as several restaurants have closed recently, mrs. ghost marine and i found a bk. we ordered our food, and our meals came with the new satisfries...she found her order of fries to be crispy, and all around just a good time, mouth-wise. i, on the other hand was not as giggly about the fries. my order just didn't wow me much. the fries cooled too quickly, and when they did, i noticed a slightly stale after-taste to them. the salt content was tremendous. WAY, WAY too salty. so much so, that i had to get another order, and the second order still didn't really help much. so, all in all, a split vote from me and the missus...
and as always:
semper fi, carry on!!

Posted by: ghostmarine at April 26, 2014 11:28 AM
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