December 6, 2013

Carlís Jr. Fresh Baked Buns

carlsjrbun.jpgRecently, Carlís Jr. began offering fresh baked buns on their Six Dollar Thickburgers. Yes, buns that are baked fresh every day at the restaurant. I recently bought a Super Bacon Six Dollar Thickburger, which features the new bun. The bun looked like it should be on a twenty dollar burger at some highfalutin restaurant that requires reservations. It tasted great and had a sweetness that let you know it wasnít your typical hamburger bun. It was also substantial enough to hold the rather large burger together to the very last bite. Honestly, the bun was the best part of the burger, and Iím fairly certain Iíve never thought that about any burger Iíve ever eaten. If you want to order something other than a Six Dollar Thickburger, you can get it with a fresh baked bun for an additional charge. You may not think that a bun is that big of a deal, but I think Carlís Jr.ís fresh baked buns have potential to revolutionize the fast food hamburger. They are that good. I donít plan on ever eating a regular bun at Carlís Jr. again.

Phoood rating: Outstanding!

Posted by Jim on December 6, 2013

I had one a few days ago (Western Bacon $6 burger), and it was pretty good, the bun was obviously fresh, but overall didn't make a huge difference for me.

Posted by: Kevin at December 9, 2013 9:22 PM

a few days ago, i bit into the fresh baked buns at carl's jr. i had a six dollar burger with of course the new bun...the buns look good, but when i bit into the burger, the bun becomes this compressed, cloying mess that sticks to the roof of my mouth. the bun reminded me of a dinner roll from king's hawaiian. apologies to both king's and carl's. both companies try to make good products, but they fall short for me, simply because both products are next to impossible to swallow, unless i nibble at them. i really don't want to do that...i want to "eat it like i mean it". but, with carl's new burger buns i just can't. no joy here, sorry.
and as always:
semper fi, carry on.

Posted by: ghostmarine at December 21, 2013 6:35 AM

Bun were fresh and offered a more sophisticated sense to them like you were eating at a nice sit down restaurant rather than at a fast food place. If I had any complains its that the bun is rather sweet.

Posted by: Nick at September 11, 2016 11:54 PM
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