November 19, 2013

Cracker Jack’D Cheddar BBQ Snack Mix

crackerjackd.jpgI bought a box of Cracker Jack a while back. The popcorn wasn’t any good and there were maybe 3 peanuts in the box. There are much better coated-popcorn and peanut snacks you can eat, including Crunch ‘n Munch (I ate some of this recently - delicious!). So, stay away from Cracker Jack. Cracker Jack’d, on the other hand, is worth giving a try. Cracker Jack’d is a new line of snack mixes with flavors like Spicy Pizzeria, PB and Chocolate, and Zesty Queso. I bought a bag of the Cheddar BBQ flavor. The three-ounce bag cost two dollars at Walmart, which seems like an okay price considering its ingredients. There are cheddar and barbecue-flavored clusters (oat and/or rice, I believe), peanuts, and hickory smoked almonds. The snack mix has a real good flavor and there’s a decent amount of nuts in it. My only gripe is that toward the end of the bag, there was a lot of loose rolled oats that I felt I had to eat (as I had paid for them…) but didn't taste particularly good by themselves. Cracker Jack’D is marketed as a snack that “fills you up.” I’m not sure exactly who they think a three-ounce bag of snack mix will fill up, but it’s sure not me. I’d have to eat a couple bags to even make a dent in my hunger. But, that goes for most snack foods so I’m not holding it against Cracker Jack’D snacks.

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Posted by Jim on November 19, 2013

You're alive?

Posted by: Kevin at November 19, 2013 10:13 PM

yes, you can actually find snack food at walmart, and other locations, sometimes in copious amounts, and prices...and sometimes not...but "caveat emptor" still applies even to today. mrs. ghostmarine found this bag of updated cracker jack for me..."hmmm", i said me-self, "i'll give it a whirl, on the tilt-o-whirl"...i like carcker jack-the old stuff really well. not on the order of crunch n' munch, but a close second. trying the new cracker jack'd was bit of disappointment for me. the pb and chocolate was the only one available to me at the time of purchase, as the other varieties had not been restocked, and i didn't know that there were other varieties available at purchase time. starting, the pb and chocolate. the pb was more than slightly clashy with the dark chocolate. i would have liked milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate...if the chocolate wasn't dark chocolate, it should be arrested for impersonation. the rolled oats sloshing around in the bag, and the cluster-thingies were not really a "good look-item" as well. as a good counter-note to all of this, plenty of peanuts can be had however, if you like that. okay for me, i suppose. if you are expecting to be filled up, don't bother, this won't, sadly. kind of a nice START to snacking, but not a good middle or end to snacking for me. i expect to see this line of goodies at family dollar-dollar general-dollar tree- jetro, and the like sooner than later. a disappointment to what could have been better.

Posted by: ghostmarine at November 23, 2013 11:09 AM
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