October 20, 2013

Cheez-It Zingz Chipotle Cheddar

zingz.jpgCheez-It Zingz Chipotle Cheddar are yet another addition to the Cheez-It lineup of snack crackers, and this time they hit it out of the ballpark. Zingz are a bit different than the Cheez-Its you are familiar with. They are made with corn masa flour and have a more pronounced crunch than ďtraditionalĒ Cheez-Its. I really like the texture and crunch that Zingz have. But itís the flavor of Zingz Chipotle Cheddar that really shines. The flavor is a combination of cheddar cheese, chipotle pepper, coriander, red pepper, cumin, and chili pepper. Despite all the peppers, they really arenít very spicy. Perhaps what I like best is that the chipotle flavor is very mild, not overpowering like some chipotle-flavored foods are. Typically, I avoid chipotle-flavored snacks because itís just not one of my favorite flavors. But, I love these crackers. Iíll go so far as to say that they have the best flavor of any Cheez-It product Iíve ever eaten. There have been lots of Cheez-It products that have come and gone - some good and some not so good. Iím hoping that Zingz stay around for a long time, because they are really special.

Phoood rating: Outstanding!

Posted by Jim on October 20, 2013

they are great. personally I have deviated from cheez-its because the texture seemed to change since my childhood.

I moved on to nips crackers. while I didn't want too, the
change at sunshine biscuits influenced my decision.

Posted by: Harold at October 26, 2013 1:58 PM
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