October 11, 2007

Anderson Valley Brewing Boont Amber Ale

boontamberale.jpgI bough a six-pack of Anderson Valley Brewing Boont Amber Ale because it was included on a list of the 25 best beers in America. Iím not a beer expert, and I havenít tried every beer on the list, but Iím surprised that it was included. Although it tastes good, and is very drinkable, I am not blown away by it. To me, its flavor was a little too boring to be considered one of the best in the country. I just don't find the flavor to be one that is especially memorable or unique. In the end, Iíd gladly drink a Boont Amber Ale if someone offered me one, but wonít go out of my way to buy it again.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

Posted by Jim on October 11, 2007
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