July 8, 2015

Berry Creme Oreo Cookies

oreosberry.jpgIím not sure how long Berry Creme Oreo Cookies have been around, but I saw them on the shelf at Safeway recently and bought a bag. Of course, Iím a big fan of Oreos, and not just the original chocolate wafers-with-white-creme-filling ones. There are many Oreo varieties that are delicious. Now, Iím adding Berry Creme Oreos to this list. The cookies are great, perhaps the best Oreo Iíve ever eaten. From the picture on the front of the bag, it appears that the folks at Oreo were going for a raspberry/strawberry flavor. I canít say for sure that this is the flavor of the berry filling. All I know is that I love how it tastes. Give me a stack of these cookies and a big glass of cold milk and Iím in Oreo bliss. Definitely Phoood approved!

Phoood rating: Outstanding!

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