March 28, 2015

Doritos Jacked 3D Jalapeno Pepper Jack

doritosjacked3d.jpgThe ingenious folks at Doritos have created a very tasty “tortilla snack” that is kind of like a tortilla chip, but not. The roughly triangle-shaped Doritos Jacked 3D snacks taste like tortilla chips, but are about half the size and are several times thicker. Their intricate shape and their thickness result in one very crunchy snack. They have such a substantial crunch that as I ate them, my jaws actually ached a bit. No joke. Even though I may have been risking a Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, I kept on eating them because I liked their flavor. The combination of jalapeno and pepper jack cheese flavors work well together. It’s a relatively mild jalapeno flavor, without too much heat. Well, unless you eat a lot of them over a short amount of time, like I did. Then, you might find yourself needing a cold glass of milk to cool things down. As much as I like the Jalapeno Pepper Jack snacks, I wish that I could buy them in Nacho Cheese, Spicy Nacho, or Spicy Sweet Chili flavors, because I think I would like them even more. If you have become bored with the seasoned tortilla chips you have been eating forever and want something a bit more daring, Doritos Jacked 3D Jalapeno Pepper Jack are definitely worth trying.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

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