August 26, 2006

Phoood on a Carl's Jr. Cup!

cjcup.jpgAs you may have noticed, Phoood has been on hiatus since November 2005. I'm still not sure if the posts will continue. It's a lot of work to eat that much food, and I'm already trying to watch my weight. Also, my attempts at finding contributors to write reviews was unsuccessful. Drop me an e-mail if you have an opinion.

I want to thank Carl's Jr. for acknowledging on the side of their drink cups. I had not known about this until recently, when Phoood fan Steven e-mailed me. They have used a quote from my June 2004 review of their Double Six Dollar Burger: "Carl's Jr.'s new burger ... ranks up there among the best." Of course, I immediately went to my local Carl's Jr. to get the two cups (medium paper cup and extra-large plastic cup) to save for posterity. I'm honored that they think my opinion is relevant.

UPDATE - 9/15/06
I just found out that they have also put the quote on their bags.

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