August 1, 2013

El Restaurante Tortilla Chips

ElRestrounds.jpgYou might see a new brand of tortilla chips on store shelves in the near future. Just what we need, right? As if there’s not enough brands of tortilla chips fighting for you to buy them. Well, in this case I’m glad that another brand has entered the tortilla chip wars because El Restaurante chips are an outstanding product. Sure, they’re just simple corn tortilla chips. You would think it would be easy to make tasty tortilla chips, but many brands fall short for one reason or another. El Restaurante chips get everything right and are probably the best tasting ones you’ll find. They have a very nice corn flavor that is stronger than many other chips. They also have a texture that I absolutely love. It’s hard for me to describe the texture other than to say it is if the chips have layers. Must be the way that the chips are fried. As a result, the chips have a great, unique crunch. They also have just the right amount of saltiness, in my opinion. El Restaurante has hit a home run with these chips and they easily deserve Phoood’s highest rating.

Phoood rating: Outstanding!

Posted by Jim on August 1, 2013
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