July 3, 2013

Taco Bell Cantina Double Steak Quesadilla

tbcantinaquesadilla.jpgUntil today, I hadn’t tried anything from Taco Bell’s “Cantina” menu, as the healthy focus of the items didn't appeal to me. Today, I stopped in to the Taco Bell near my house and saw a large sign promoting the Cantina Double Steak Quesadilla. It didn’t look too healthy, so I decided to make it my lunch. For $4.99, I got the quesadilla, a small bag of tortilla chips, and small containers of salsa and low fat sour cream. The quesadilla comes cut in quarters to make it easier to eat. The first quarter that I pulled out of the wrapper had – no joke – not a single piece of steak in it. Not a good first impression. Luckily, the rest of the quesadilla had steak in it. But, I never did find the “double” portion that it was supposed to have. Seemed like a single portion to me. Anyway, the quesadilla tasted okay, but wasn't anything special. I like the flavor of Taco Bell’s regular steak quesadilla better. The steak in it has much more flavor than the steak in the Cantina quesadilla. The salsa, while nowhere as good as the salsa you could find in any taqueria, had a bright, fresh flavor. The chips, unfortunately, were forgettable. And the low fat sour cream? I recommend not even opening the container.

Phoood rating: So-so

Posted by Jim on July 3, 2013

so, feeling a little hungry, i decided to have the Taco Bell Cantina Double Steak Quesadilla, for the grins of it...disappointing! in the name of attempting to be healthier for their clientele, what i got wasn't healthy, let alone, er.
the steak itself was chewy, and tough (what there was of it), not much in the way of meat was to be found by this consumer. the chips were far from being fresh, and bland to the taste. the tortilla was sad, it was burned...the salsa was VERY watery (not like salsa isn't watery, but really? i didn't want to try the sour cream (i haven't had a good experience with their sour cream in the past, and didn't want to push my luck). so all in all, not a good way for me to spend the $5.00. i'll try something else in the future. maybe. sorry taco bell, yo no qiuerro mas.

Posted by: ghostmarine at July 14, 2013 10:27 PM

Since these comments have been posted, Taco bell has pulled this menu item from the menu

Posted by: nick at April 1, 2014 6:43 PM
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