September 11, 2012

Lay's Classic BLT Flavored Potato Chips

rsz_1l.jpgEver since the creation of the potato chip, there's been quite a few... unique flavors cooked up that many people aren't aware of. A few examples are cheeseburger, kimchi, and even "Australian BBQ Kangaroo" (seriously). The list goes on and on, but I'm the type of person who prefers simplicity when it comes to food. Even still, I couldn't help but be curious as to whether or not Lay's Classic BLT potato chips would actually taste like the popular sandwich. As soon as I ripped the bag open, I caught a whiff of vinegar and bacon. Upon eating the first few chips, I noticed a hint of toasted bread as well as the tartness of mayonnaise, surprisingly. The smoky presence of bacon was there— albeit rather mildly. This may be hard to believe, but I did notice the taste of lettuce here and there. Sadly the chips didn't do a very good job in exuding a tomato flavor. Of course, the texture of bacon and the coolness of the vegetables could not be replicated but I believe this is as close as it can get. The chips surpassed my expectations and resulted in my taste buds almost being fooled into thinking that I had just finished eating a BLT. Perhaps now I will be more open to sampling other strange varieties of potato chips; although I will most likely pass on haggis.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

Posted by Jin on September 11, 2012

I love these things!! Dipped in ranch they are amazing, I wish they made a ridges version. The best thing to do is eat them beside a REAL BLT.

Posted by: Jay at September 12, 2012 7:41 AM
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