September 8, 2012

Carl’s Jr. Memphis BBQ Burger

cjmemphisbbq.jpgPork on a hamburger isn’t uncommon; you can get bacon on your hamburger just about anywhere. But pulled pork on a hamburger? That’s something I had not seen before I bought a Memphis BBQ Burger at Carl’s Jr. recently. Yes, they have combined BBQ pulled pork with a hamburger to create something pretty unique. Within the buns are (from bottom to top) BBQ pulled pork, your typical Carl’s Jr. charbroiled patty (available in a single, double, or Six Dollar Burger), American cheese, crispy onion strings, and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. Despite being made with two very different types of meat, the burger works. The tender pulled pork is a nice contrast to the firm hamburger patty. The crispy onion strings give the burger some interesting crispness and a hint of onion flavor. All of the flavors and textures combine to make a tasty burger. Only two things keep the burger from earning Phoood’s highest rating. First, there is not enough pulled pork. The photo accompanying this post suggests the burger has almost as much pulled pork as hamburger patty. This was definitely not the case with the burger I purchased. Secondly, there was not enough BBQ sauce in the pulled pork or on top of the onion strings/cheese. The BBQ flavor was there, but it was not pronounced enough to make me think that I was eating a burger inspired by Memphis-style BBQ. Despite these issues, I recommend that you give the Memphis BBQ burger a try.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

Posted by Jim on September 8, 2012
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