October 15, 2010

Doritos Stadium Nacho

doritossn.jpgThis is not so much a review as it is an appeal for people to go out and start enjoying the new Doritos Stadium Nacho chips, inspired by Madden NFL 11 from EA Sports. The name, at least the stadium nacho part, is a perfect description of what to expect in this chip. This tastes exactly like nachos you find at most major sporting events, except . . . better. About a year ago, I reviewed another Doritos product that was subtitled Last Call Jalapeno Popper from their Late Night line, and concluded that the chips tasted like stadium nachos. After trying the new Doritos Stadium Nacho, and comparing it to those chips, it appears that the folks down at Doritos have now found the formula that goes beyond perfecting the stadium nacho in a seasoned chip. After trying both chips, I realized the slight difference and ultimately the major success in this new chip. The Late Night Last Call Jalapeno Popper, surprisingly enough, had a bit of a more jalapeno taste, which took away from the aftertaste in my opinion. The new Stadium Nacho chips donít have as much of a kick, resulting in an aftertaste that leaves you begging for more. Iím a bigger fan of sweet snacks than salty snacks, and this chip accomplished something only one other salty snack has ever accomplished with me. Only Munchies Cheese Fix and the new Doritos Stadium Nacho inspired by Madden NFL 11 have made me finish an entire bag in one day, because they were just too tasty to save. I hope everyone goes out and gives this limited-time product a shot, encouraging Doritos to turn it into one of their staple products for years to come.

Phoood rating: Outstanding!

Posted by Matt on October 15, 2010

Frito-Lay used the same seasoning for "Ballpark Nachos Fritos" this summer.

Posted by: D.A. at October 18, 2010 10:19 AM
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