November 7, 2008

Taco Rack

tacorack.jpgIf you enjoy making tacos at home, the Taco Rack is a tool worth considering. It keeps your taco shells upright when you cook them in the oven, which prevents the shells from closing in when you bake them on their sides. When taken out of the oven, the upright shells are easy to fill with your favorite fillings and toppings. I used a Taco Rack recently to make some tacos at home and found that it worked as advertised. The rack itself if made in the USA from stainless steel and looks like it would last a lifetime. Check out the Taco Rack web site to see the several different versions they make. My only minor quibble with Taco Rack is how expensive it is. Iím sure that being made in the USA is probably the reason why, but still, twenty bucks for a couple pieces of metal seems awfully high to me.

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Posted by Jim on November 7, 2008

Just hang the shells upside down on the oven rack instead of laying them on their works great and it's free!!

Posted by: Carolyn at November 8, 2008 9:06 PM

That's brilliant Carolyn!

Posted by: Red Icculus at November 9, 2008 2:14 PM

I guess that would work if you only wanted to toast the shells, Carolyn, but the advantage of the Taco Rack is that it toasts the shells, holds them upright while you're filling, as well as when you put them back in the oven to melt the cheese. I use mine all the time, and it's definitely worth $20 - even just in the saving of your sanity! It's so easy and it's one of those things that after you use it, you don't know why you didn't have one earlier. I've spent more money on gadgets that were junk & never ended up using more than once... This is in my silverware drawer and has paid for itself time & time again..... It's not just a 'holder' - it's cookware, grillware, serveware, etc. - If you compare the price to other cookware items, it's actually pretty inexpensive. But, I'd recommend it --- Two Thumbs Up! :)

Posted by: Janelle at November 21, 2008 3:56 PM
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