November 20, 2005

Taco Bell Grilled Steak Taquito

tacobell.jpgI havenít been this disappointed by a fast food item in a long time. I should have suspected that there was something amiss, as a taquito should be deep fried, not grilled. The Grilled Steak Taquito is really nothing more than a rolled-up Steak Quesadilla. The one I got seemed small, with not much meat. It looked nothing like the picture in the advertisement. You get your choice of sour cream, guacamole, or salsa to dip the taquito in. I got the sour cream, which didnít taste very good but was perhaps the best part of the meal. Itís hard to go wrong at Taco Bell, but the Grilled Steak Taquito is one menu item that I recommend staying away from.

Phoood rating: Don't Waste Your Money

Posted by Jim on November 20, 2005 | TrackBack

Personally, I like the steak taquitos, but i have to agree. They're not the best taquitos I ahve ever had, they're quite greasy, much more cheese in the cheese to meat ratio, and soft. I love the traditional deep fried or even oven baked (for those cutting calories) corn meal taquitos, and they simply can't be compared to the ones they have at taco bell, they're that much better that if you were trying to compare them, you'd throw the taco beel version away and have a pile of the good stuff. They're quite bland by themselves which is why I always ask for nacho cheese with them to spice it up.

Posted by: Ahmetia Campbell at November 15, 2008 5:08 PM

You guys are dumb it is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy tasty.

Posted by: Kayla at May 12, 2011 9:42 AM
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