June 8, 2005

Häagen-Dazs Light Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

haagendazs.jpgHäagen-Dazs has introduced a new line of “light” ice creams. I recently bought a pint of Vanilla Bean and was very anxious to see how it tasted. Häagen-Dazs has done a good job creating a high-quality ice cream that has 50% less fat and 21% less calories than their regular ice cream. The texture is smooth and creamy, just like it should be. I think the vanilla has a hint of that “artificial” flavor, but the ingredients lists only “natural flavor” and “vanilla bean flakes.” Could have just been my taste buds were a little off that night. Overall, it is pretty good and I will definitely buy it again. There are six other flavors, including “s’mores,” which I must try.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

Posted by Jim on June 8, 2005 | TrackBack

I think the texture is the hardest part of lowfat ice cream. All too often, it looks like frozen milk when you take the fat out. I'll have to try this - I am, of course, a Haagen Dazs fan.

Posted by: Bottom Feeder at June 9, 2005 8:00 AM

It was pretty tasty and creamy. I found the texture to be perfectly smooth and scooping out of the container was easy. I didn't miss the fat and was really glad that Haagen Dazs didn't feel the need to switch out any of the sugar for Splenda or Nutrasweet. I think they've made a convert out of me.

Posted by: herkimer at June 13, 2005 10:48 AM

NO Natural vanilla beans flavor

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