June 24, 2004

Klaster Czech Lager

While shopping at BevMo, I came across a beer I had never seen before, and it was on sale for a very good price. I couldn’t pass it up, so I bought a six-pack. Klaster Traditional Czech Lager comes from the Klaster brewery in the Czech Republic. I really like European beers, so I figured the Klaster would be good. Well, it isn’t quite as good as I hoped. It has an adequately hoppy flavor, but a finish that reminds me of an inexpensive, lower-quality beer. To be fair, it did get a little better the more I drank. By the end of the bottle, I had a better opinion of the beer then when I’d started it. I’ve had better European lagers, and I’ve had worse. Klaster Lager falls somewhere in between.

Phoood rating: So-so

Posted by Jim on June 24, 2004

I'm sorry to say it, but it seems that yu don't know much about beer. The Klaster lager beer is excellent and one of the better beers on the market. When you drink the beer it's not hard to understand that the Klaster brewery have won national and international awards 9 years in a row. They've been making beer since 1570.
It's a classic Czech lager beer and a very tasty one.

Posted by: John at October 2, 2006 8:17 PM

I have had the Klaster Dark and thoroughly enjoyed it. I used to travel to the Czech Republic on business and looked forward to the Czech beer which I consider the best in the world. I can no longer purchase the beer in eastern Michigan and am trying to find it again. I used to drink Radergast Porter and dark beer when in the eastern Czech Republic and visited U Flicku when in Prague for excellent beer.

Posted by: Henry Beckwith at November 29, 2008 1:30 PM
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