May 31, 2014

McDonald’s Shakin’ Flavor Fries

mcdfries.jpgMcDonald’s is test marketing new seasoned fries in some of their Northern California restaurants. They’re called Shakin’ Flavor Fries, a apt name because it will be you doing the shaking. That’s right - you get an order of fries in the usual fry container, a paper bag, and a packet of seasoning. Dump your fries in the bag, sprinkle in the seasoning, seal the top of the bag, and shake it. Yeah, I was pretty surprised that I had to prepare my own fast food. First issue: Who at the corporate office thought that customers want to do the seasonin’ and shakin’ themselves? I sure don’t. Second issue: You may not want to use the entire seasoning packet, as I did. If I ever bought Garlic and Parmesan Shakin’ Flavor Fries again (which I won’t), I would start by using half the seasoning packet and add more if needed. Third issue: These are not the “fresh garlic and imported Parmesan cheese” fries you might find at a good restaurant. But, you probably already assumed this. Fourth issue: Worst product in McDonald’s history? Maybe.

Phoood rating: Don't Waste Your Money

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