June 8, 2013

Jack in the Box Chicken Nuggets

JIBchickennuggets.jpgI like the hamburgers at Jack in the Box so much that they are just about the only thing I ever order there. Occasionally, Iíll get a couple of tacos or a chicken sandwich. Recently, I broke tradition and ordered some Chicken Nuggets. Wow, are they delicious. How come I didn't know about them? Honestly, I donít recall a fast food chicken nugget that even comes close. Sure, McNuggets are iconic and are pretty tasty. But, Jack in the Boxís Chicken Nuggets are on a whole different level. I was impressed by the quality of the white meat chicken inside the nuggets. It was juicy and delicious. Even better, however, was the crispy outer coating. Itís a bread crumb-type coating that is nicely seasoned with herbs that you could see and taste. The herb seasoning really differentiates these nuggets from those of the competition. If you think that chicken nuggets are just for kids, or if you think your fast food palate is too sophisticated for chicken nuggets, I encourage you to get yourself some of Jack in the Boxís Chicken Nuggets to see what you are missing. If you already like chicken nuggets but havenít yet ordered them at Jack in the Box Ö what are you waiting for?!

Phoood rating: Outstanding!

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