January 18, 2012

Wendy's Cheesy Cheddarburger

wendyscheesy.jpgI'm just gonna put it out there: I REALLY love cheese.

As a matter of fact, most of the items I've reviewed on this site have cheese listed as one of their ingredients. When I heard about Wendy's new Cheesy Cheddarburger, I knew that this would be the closest I could get to experiencing a "Juicy Lucy," unless I were to make it myself, of course. The difference here is that the melted cheese is on the outside. So, how did it taste? Well, pretty much just how I imagined it. The cheese sauce was spectacular and reminded me of macaroni and cheese... for some strange reason. It was nice and thick as well. The meat patty itself was juicy and delicious. Some people might have a problem with how plain it is, but it didn't really bother me too much. I'm sure it would be really easy to request additional toppings for it anyway. And yes, it may be sort of small but a few of these would prove to be a satisfying snack. Kudos to Wendy's for creating a unique item that tastes great as well as saves everybody some money.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

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January 14, 2012

Cheez-It Mozzarella

cheezitmoz.jpgYou expect a mozzarella cheese-flavored cracker to taste like it has some mozzarella cheese in it, right? And, you expect that there would be a decent amount of mozzarella cheese in it too, wouldn’t you? So, I don’t know what the folks at Cheez-It are thinking with new Cheez-It Mozzarella. Sure, they have a cheese flavor. But, it’s not the flavor of mozzarella cheese. It’s just a generic, amorphous cheese flavor. It could be one of many cheese flavors. One look at the ingredient list on the side of the box explains why. Mozzarella cheese is listed there, but it’s not the first type of cheese in the list. In fact, it’s not even the second type of cheese on the list. Sadly, mozzarella cheese is third on the list, behind white cheddar and cheddar. This is why the crackers don’t taste like mozzarella cheese. It also explains why the crackers deserve the lowest Phoood rating. It’s not because the crackers themselves aren’t perfectly edible, but because as I ate them I had the feeling that I had been duped.

Phoood rating: Don't Waste Your Money

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January 3, 2012

Burger King French Fries (New Thicker Cut)

bkfries.jpgBurger King recently introduced new french fries to their menu. I recall that the last time Burger King did this - over a decade ago, if my memory is correct - they went with a skinny, crispy fry similar to those offered by McDonald’s. Nowadays, Burger King thinks that thicker fries are the way to go. They couldn’t be more wrong. They must not be familiar with the First Law of French Fries, which states “Skinnier fries are always better than thicker fries because skinnier fries have a better ratio of crispy exterior to fluffy interior.” See, a great fry isn’t the one that has a lot of fluffy potato on the inside, even if the fluff tastes great. It’s the one with the delicious, crispy exterior and just the right amount of fluffy potato within. Get the exterior/interior ratio wrong, and the fry will never be great. The Second Law of French Fries states “If you are going to make a thicker fry, leave the skin on because the overall flavor will be better.” Burger King violated this law also. All this being said, Burger King’s new fries aren’t bad. My order came with a generous amount of salt on them and were cooked to a nice, light brown. I prefer fries that are cooked a bit more (to a “golden brown”), but light brown is okay. And, I must admit that the fries had a nice potato flavor. Overall, they’re not bad fries, but they aren’t great either. If Burger King was aiming for the best fries in the fast food marketplace (and I assume they were), they came up short.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

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