January 11, 2015

Carl’s Jr. All-Natural Burger

cjallnaturalburger.jpgI’ve been eating at Carl’s Jr. for many years, and I never considered that the burger I was eating wasn’t natural. Turns out, evidently, I have been eating unnatural burgers. I say this because Carl’s Jr. has introduced the All-Natural Burger, which is made from grass-fed, free-range beef with no added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics. Makes you really wonder what is in the “other” beef, huh? So, the All-Natural Burger uses (supposedly) better beef from happy cows that frolic freely in grassy meadows. That’s all fine, but I want my burger to taste good too. The All-Natural Burger does taste good, but not significantly different from their “non-natural” burgers. It wasn’t immediately apparent to me that I was eating a burger made with higher-quality beef. The patty seemed to have a slightly different texture than other Carl's Jr. burgers, but it was pretty subtle. All things considered, there’s no reason not to eat an All-Natural Burger. Just don’t expect it to be all that much different from the other burgers on the Carl’s Jr. menu.

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Posted by Jim on January 11, 2015

what's with the absence of the famous PHOOOD rating for this particular review? In this case, the absence is not making my heart grow fonder.
I personally have not tried or will try this item. The last time I was served 'natural' at Carls's was the silly natural fries they sell. I have not forgot that date of July 9 2008, the first day they arrived here in San Francisco. Oh I super star now and then, and wish I could do more but I find the natural fries 'naturally' changing my mind and diverting elsewhere. WISH the crinkle cuts of the 70-80's era were around to share with my sons.
And a second wish, install the Famous, Happy and Super Stars as rewards on the SUPER Star Rewards app. After all, it is the name sake. Through time, I haved amassed thirty thousand points and find no rewards of interest.

Hope our friends in Carpenteria with their Jurist Doctorates and pointy head hats will ponder this.

Posted by: Harold at January 22, 2015 8:33 AM

This should've been a whole menu upgrade. Segmenting their burgers into all-natural and 'unnatural' is just unappetizing. It's like they're saying this burger patty is the real deal and the rest is bad beef and you've been eating it for years.

Posted by: Snackeroo at January 27, 2015 6:55 AM

Any word on the new "Buttery Jack" burgers from Jack in the Box?

Posted by: Kevin at February 5, 2015 7:50 PM

the other night, while at work, i decided to try the "new" natural burger...unfortunately, the burger had the same old doughy, chewy bakery bun, as the bakery bun burger this item replaced on the menu...the bun sticks to the roof of my mouth...not off to a good start. the burger patty was not a flavor party. it didn't taste any different than the unnatural ones, and was overwhelmed by the lettuce, pickles, as well as what seemed to me to be ALL of the mustard and ketchup in the world...not a good thing to experience. so all in all, i did not have a really good experience with this one. in my humble opinion, the all natural is a fad. here today, thankfully, gone tomorrow...
semper fi, carry on.

Posted by: ghostmarine at February 18, 2015 1:35 PM
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