May 4, 2013

DiGiorno Pizzeria! Primo Pepperoni Pizza

digiornopizzeria.jpgIn their never ending quest to create a frozen pizza that is as good as you get in a restaurant, the folks at DiGiorno have introduced their Pizzeria! line of pizzas. I recently ate the Primo Pepperoni pizza. Despite itís name, itís not as good as the pizza you would get at a pizzeria. Not even close. But, that doesn't mean that it's not a really good frozen pizza. The crust, in particular, is outstanding. Itís crispy on the outside, light and airy on the inside, and has a nice flavor. Itís similar, but not as heavy or as chewy, as the crust on DiGiornoís popular Rising Crust line of pizzas. Itís the best frozen pizza crust that Iíve eaten, by far. The pizza's toppings are good, but do not stand out. The pizza sauce and pepperoni, unfortunately, are not nearly as flavorful as they could be. I get the feeling that DiGiornoís is trying to be really safe with the toppings so as not to distract from the excellent crust. Itís too bad, because with more flavorful toppings, the pizza would really be outstanding.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

Posted by Jim on May 4, 2013

digiorno pizzaria! the product was a bit tastier than the previous digiorno frozen pizza for me. the crust was not doughy or gooey, and browned up nicely in the old chow hall oven (at home, in the kitchen, as mrs. ghostmarine reminds me). while the pepperoni, and cheese were fairly good, i cheated and supplemented with additional pepperoni. mrs. ghostmarine barked at me about that, but i made one with the extras, and one without.
the end result? not a bad dining experience was had over all would i recommend it? yes, overall a good starting point, just bring extra pepperoni .

Posted by: ghostmarine at July 12, 2013 3:02 PM
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