October 4, 2012

Arby's Grand Turkey Club

rsz_turk.jpgI think it's safe to say that turkey is one of the least popular meats to the general public. It has a tendency to be not only dry but also lacking in much flavor. I guess that's why you don't see people clamoring for it like they do with beef or pork. However, Arby's continues to be one of few fast food restaurants to prominently feature this peculiar poultry on their menu. As a part of their new line of Turkey Roasters, it's clear that the Grand Turkey Club won't get very many points for originality. It wasn't exactly the most visually arresting sandwich I've ever seen, but I do commend Arby's for making my Grand Turkey Club out to look somewhat similar to the ones seen in the ads. Now moving on to how it tasted: the bacon was crisp and almost crunchy, the vegetables were fresh by fast food standards, and the bun was durable enough to hold everything together. The thinly-sliced meat proved to be fairly moist, giving way to a noticeably sweet and savory turkey flavor. There was a massive glob of cheese which stuck to the turkey like glue and although there was a lot of mayo, I didn't particularly mind as it didn't detract from the sandwich in any way. One thing I have to note is that I was surprised by how small it was, which is a downer given the amount you have to pay for one. The bottom line is that the Grand Turkey Club does a lot more right than it does wrong. Now I'm even more interested in trying out some of the other turkey-centric items at Arby's.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

Posted by Jin on October 4, 2012
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