December 7, 2011

Carl's Jr. Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

cjoreo.jpgI can't ever remember having a bad experience with an ice cream sandwich. After trying the Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich from Carl's Jr. today, I can still proudly say that ice cream sandwiches are one of my favorite desserts. The simplicity of the sandwich is arguably what makes it so great. The combination of the giant Oreo cookies with vanilla ice cream in between makes for a very satisfying experience. The Oreo cookies contained the unmistakable chocolate flavor associated with other Oreo products. The sandwich held together quite well, and the ice cream didn't end up melting at all. The only downside I can think of is that the ice cream didn't have much vanilla flavor, which ended up being downplayed by the flavor of the cookies. It would've been nice for there to have been a perfect balance between vanilla and chocolate. Regardless, this was a fine dessert that had me longing for another one immediately after I had finished it.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

Posted by Jin on December 7, 2011

On a recent excursion to Carl's, I ignored my doctors advice (being diabetic, and all), and tried the Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich...I guess I must have been out of the Ice Cream Sandwich eating mode for too long. The first bite I took, had all of the Ice Cream pushed straight out of the cookie, away from my mouth. I wound up with it all running down my arm. The Ice Cream was barely frozen. But yet, the Cookies were completely frozen...figure that one out. Not worth the money I paid for it...unfortunately.

Posted by: johnnhoj at January 12, 2012 2:19 AM
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