November 21, 2011

Wheat Thins Sweet Cinnamon (Limited Edition)

wheatthinssc.jpgI’m old school when it comes to Wheat Thins. I’ve never bought any of the newfangled “flavored” Wheat Thin varieties. And, I probably wouldn’t have bought Wheat Thins Sweet Cinnamon (Limited Edition) if the company had not sent me a box to try. I’m glad they did. The crackers are like a cross between Wheat Thins and churros, or Wheat Thins and snickerdoodle cookies, although not quite as sweet. Personally, I would think they would taste better if they were just a little more sweet. Also, the sugar that is sprinkled on the crackers is ground very fine; I think a more course sugar would have made the sweetness more prominent and improved the mouthfeel. But, I’m nitpicking. Wheat Thins Sweet Cinnamon are a tasty snack and are a good choice when you want something sweet but don’t want to go overboard.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

Posted by Jim on November 21, 2011
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