September 30, 2011

Doritos Fiery Fusion Sizzlin’ Cayenne & Cheese

doritosff.gifWhen I sat down to write this review, I realized how many times a review has been posted on Phoood for some variety of Doritos chips. It’s because Frito-Lay, rather then just be satisfied with the success that the Doritos’ brand has had, is continuously introducing new flavors. To be honest, I haven’t always loved the flavors they have come up with. But Fiery Fusion Sizzlin’ Cayenne & Cheese (what a long name...) is one of their best. The chips combine the flavors of cayenne, jalapeno, and cheese in a way that is nicely balanced. You can taste each flavor separately, and none overpowers the other. I don’t usually like things that are jalapeno flavored, but these chips are rare exception. Those of you that like it hot will enjoy the lingering heat of the cayenne that stays on your tongue and in the back of your throat long after you are done eating the chips. It’s a reminder that these aren’t just any ordinary tortilla chips. Frito-Lay is to be commended for continuing to offer bold, interesting flavors such as Fiery Fusion Sizzlin’ Cayenne & Cheese.

Phoood rating: Outstanding!

Posted by Jim on September 30, 2011
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