March 20, 2010

Cheetos Mighty Zingers Sharp Cheddar & Salsa Picante

cheetosmz.jpgReaders of this blog know that I am a Cheetos enthusiast. I canít get enough of them, especially the crunchy variety. Well, thereís a new Cheetos for me to enjoy Ė Cheetos Mighty Zingers. I bought a bag of the Sharp Cheddar & Salsa Picante flavor to try (thereís also Raginí Canjun & Tangy Ranch flavor). They are small, crunchy Cheetos pieces about the size of popcorn. Both the size of the Cheetos and their flavor didnít appeal to me at first, but I liked them more and more as I ate them. By the time the bag was finished, I was really liking them. The salsa picante pieces by themselves arenít great, but when mixed with the cheddar pieces the resulting flavor is surprisingly good. Eating them with you fingers can be tedious because of their small size, which is probably why the bag they come in has a great feature that allows you to tear the corner of the bag off cleanly, without ripping the whole bag apart. The resulting aperture is perfect for pouring the Mighty Zingers into your mouth. Sit down, tip your head back, and enjoy.

Phoood rating: Good.gif

Posted by Jim on March 20, 2010

I saw these at our local mini mart and was wondering if I should pick up a bag. Looks like I have a project for tomorrow. (Grin)

Posted by: Bryan at March 21, 2010 1:56 AM

these are OK. they're not normal cheeto form they're small balls. one tastes like the doritos flavor, the other does taste like white cheddar cheetos. but if someone told me they were normal cheetos i wouldn't even realize that they were cheddar.

Posted by: a at March 23, 2010 3:41 PM

I'll pass. I'm waiting for Frito/Lay to return to Clear See through bags. I like to see what's inside, before investing in bag products. I have made the switch to Tom's/Lance Brand Cheezer's.

Posted by: Harold at March 25, 2010 8:33 PM

Never heard of these before. I have to see if I can find some.

Posted by: Debbie Bello at March 27, 2010 5:22 PM

i love these so much :D :D :D now i want some lol

Posted by: *$kyler* at June 24, 2010 6:20 PM
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