January 4, 2009

Malt-O-Meal Blueberry Muffin Tops Cereal

muffintops2.jpgDo yourself a favor, drop whatever your doing right now, and go get a bag of Blueberry Muffin Tops. You'll thank me later.

Blueberry muffin tops is Malt-o-meal's magnum opus, and can just as well be eaten with or without milk. Eat them out of the bag, pour them over your face, or dump them on Ice cream, whatever creation you can dream up, I promise you that you won't be let down. Versatile, delicious and layered in sugar, what more could you ask for? I don't know, but If you ask me, Blueberry Muffin Tops should be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, because they are quite literally, Rockin!. Imagine if you can a cereal that uses REAL blueberry muffins in every delicious morsel and you've come close to the magnificence that is Blueberry Muffin Tops. A bowl full of Blueberry Muffin Tops will keep those stomach pangs at bay, and should keep you snaking happy throughout the day. Despite this, the only real pitfall I can think of is it's lack of availability, but like a diamond in the rough, you can't keep a good thing hidden forever. So even it takes a few phone calls to your local grocers, believe me, it's worth the search.

Phoood rating: Outstanding!

Posted by Alex on January 4, 2009

This is one of my most favorite cereals! It's always on the shelf at the dollar store. Just be careful to not get the sugar all over your face when you pour it over your mouth.

Posted by: Nicole at January 4, 2009 6:32 PM

I remember getting these at SaveMart. They are really good, I forgot all about them.

Posted by: Manuel at January 5, 2009 7:28 PM

I got a TUB of this from Sam's about a year ago. Its so delicious, its freaking dangerous. Needless to say, I had consumed the entire tub in about three days.

Posted by: jane at January 7, 2009 11:43 AM

I remember buying these a couple of months ago at WinCo. I'd never seen them before so I thought I'd give them a try. My roommates and I were blown away by this stuff! It tastes SO GOOD.

I wish they made it in bigger bags.

Posted by: Lyndse at January 19, 2009 4:45 PM

Perhaps dog food sized bags would suffice.

Posted by: Alex Luprete at January 30, 2009 11:28 AM

I just purchased this at a local store, and am eating my first bowl as I am writing this. It is kind of like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, with different flavorings, and flecks of blueberry (natural or artificial, I do not know) mixed inside. It's good, and I would definitely purchase more the next time I find some.

Posted by: J P Hays at February 8, 2009 5:37 PM

I do thank you. After reading this review, I searched and searched and finally found some at a local Albertsons.

BEST CEREAL EVER. I went through my first two bags in a week, then another two in another week, and I just got three today and have started digging into one and will no doubt be finished with all three by the end of next week.

Great cereal, thank you for bringing this to my attention!

Posted by: Chris at February 12, 2009 10:07 PM

You were right- this stuff is so good, you don't have to eat it in milk!!

Posted by: Suzanne at March 18, 2009 6:15 AM

I LOVE THIS CEREAL! They have it in the large economy bag at one of the nearby grocery stores. BUY IT!

Posted by: dave at April 12, 2009 9:44 PM

I stumbled upon a bag of this at the grocery store today and decided to give it a go. Very nice. From the first bite, I knew I picked a winner.

For those who really like blueberries, try POM Wonderful Pomegranate Blueberry juice. It's expensive but so good.

Posted by: db at January 13, 2010 7:28 PM

Omg i love this cerel its so guud but we cant find it at the dollar store anymore
i wish we could

Posted by: Amanda at November 25, 2010 12:09 PM


i HIGHYL recommend buying this INCREDIBLE bag of wonderful deliciousness. Its like having romance explosion in your mouth of sweet blueberry sugarness.


Posted by: alex at March 14, 2011 11:37 AM
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