October 24, 2007

Jones Soda Halloween 2007 Limited Editions

joneshalloween.jpg2007 is another "Bertie Botts" Halloween for Jones Soda. In 8 oz portions, these are, no doubt, designed for novelty or Trick-o-Treating giveaway for kids (if you live in a "cool treats" neighborhood). The "new" flavor for 2007 is the "Lemon Drop Dead" soda, that tastes more sour than what has been released before under this name. The scent and flavor is very similar to Lemonheads brand candy. Yet with each gulp you're drinking the sweet and sour value of a small handful of Lemonheads. There's not much here but to say, "Gross!" That's almost a "gross in a good way" around kids. Almost.

On the other hand, the Candy Corn flavor is disgusting, even to kids. It's a hint of cotton candy burnt sugar taste coupled with artificial caramel flavor. Does real candy corn really taste this badly? Poured into a glass the "day glo" color even grossed out my kids (in a bad way). Gruesome Grape and Strawberry S'lime both taste like extra sweet, slightly more tart and garishly colored versions of fruity sodas you might enjoy elsewhere. These last two aren't great, but not awful either. Jones Soda's website says of its Limited Editions, "Don't Blink or You'll Miss Them." I suggest you blink instead of drink. If not, sip lightly.

Phoood rating: So-so

Posted by Bryan on October 24, 2007 | TrackBack

My better half bought a six pack of Candy Corn flavor. None of my five kids would touch the stuff after the first swig. I guess I'm less discerning because I quite liked it. It reminded me a little of a very popular drink in Scotland know as Iron Brew. Go figure. The best part of my kids hating it is that there were several cans left over that I was able to enjoy at leisure.

Posted by: Phil at November 12, 2007 12:51 PM
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